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We at Lorna L. Okada, D.D.S. work to support our patients get the alluring, healthy smiles they deserve. As a moving part of the San Jose community for over 10 years, we have fostered the relationships we have with our patients, becoming more than just another local dentist. As a neighbor, our team of experienced dental professionals use cutting edge technology to produce accommodating service, convenience, and, most of all, straight forward dental education. Our treatments prioritize your oral health, your experience, and your expectations.

Refer to our contact page or call at (408) 226-2522 to request an appointment and address questions about your specific dental needs.

Covid-19 Update

I hope you and your family well in the rapidly changing times of COVID-19I just wanted to take the time to reach out to my extended friends and family and provide an update on the latest at Lorna L Okada DDS, Inc.


If you have any scheduled appointments coming up in the next month’s time, you can consider it postponed. We apologize for any auto reminders which you may be receiving for appointments scheduled in the month ahead.  Please disregard these messages. May 4, 2020 is the next scheduled date to reopen, per the mandates set by the State of California. This, we know, can change day by day, week by week, so we will keep you posted on how these mandates affect our office reopening.  Therefore, when the date to reopen seems to be more certain, we will contact you to let you know how to reschedule your appointments. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.


If you have any questions you need answered over the phone, or need to be seen for a dental emergency, we have set some limited office hours - Mondays and Wednesday from 9am-12pm.  If you need to reach me for any urgent matters, please feel free to call me at (408) 916-3740. 


In my time away from the office, I have been fervently keeping up with the latest updates on keeping you and our team safe when we reopen.  We will have a Level 4 HEPA filter air filtration system in place, the same stringent standards for infection control, as well as added protection in place for the team.  I’m doing my best to attend as many webinars, hosted by experts in various fields, as I can, to keep up with the latest information. My priority is to make sure my patients and team are safe and properly taken cared of during this pandemic.  


We wanted to also let you know about some staff changes we have had in our office.  

One of our beloved hygienists - Gina, recently got engaged, and has moved to Las Vegas to be with her fiance, congratulations to Gina!  We are currently looking to fill Gina’s position, in the meanwhile, our other 2 wonderful hygienists Shana and Lilia will be taking care of your oral care needs.    


Our sunshine - Sonia, has accepted a position at the DA’s office at the County, we are wishing her all the happiness.  We will miss her cheery smile and genuine warmth and thoughtfulness. And although she can not be replaced, we have added Tiffany, our new superstar to the team.  She comes with many years of experience in the dental field, she’s ready to help with any questions you may have. Please introduce yourself, if I don’t get a chance to introduce you to her, as I am so excited to have her enhance our practice.


I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for being such a wonderful community of people to care for over the years.  I truly appreciate the trust you have placed in me and my staff to care for your oral health. Dentistry has not just been a profession for me, but a passion.  When I first got out of school, I strived to be a really great dentist since I knew my friends and family would be coming to see me. But over the years, it has evolved into, wanting to be exceptional because everyone who comes to see me is part of my village.  My deepest gratitude to all my patients and staff who have allowed me to grow with you.


Covid-19 has completely changed our lives and the world we live in.  We will get back to some sort of norm in the future, but in not knowing when that will be, being flexible is one way we can get through this trying time.


Thank you again for your continued support, please take care of yourself, and hope to see you soon on the other side of these trying times,


Dr. Lorna L. Okada