Basic oral health education for families, and children is the cornerstone of building good habits in the home. Dr. Okada and her team of friendly and charismatic specialists work closely with children and their parents to ensure all parties leave the dental office relaxed.

Through strong personal interactions, active listening, and an array of custom approaches to educating and treating children, our Pediatrics department ensures patients of all ages leave with new knowledge and healthy habits in mind. With advanced technology geared toward making a trip to the dentist a breeze, we provide a fun environment that will alleviate any dental myth or anxiety.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
It is recommended that parents of infants make an appointment with their dentist within their 1-2 year of life so Dr. Okada can coach the family on hygiene habits, healthy eating/drinking habits, and to complete an assessment on whether fluoride supplement is recommended. Your child will walk away understanding the importance of good oral hygiene and will be empowered to maintain lasting oral health. 

Call today or schedule an appointment if you have any questions. Together, we will build an educated household with lifelong healthy habits.